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Sage has been around since WotLK, some members playing together since Vanilla.  We are a group of progression seekers who enjoy tackling new content with a team of mature players who take pride in their performance and work well as a team.   We are generally an older crowd, most being post-college.  We think a fun raid is one where we progress on challenging fights while joking with each other.  We analyze logs to identify and correct problems without yelling.

Raid times: Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday 8pm - 11pm pst

If you would like to
apply to the guild, please click the apply to guild link in the left column or contact us in game!


~Progression ~

Heroic: Siege of Orgrimmar 25   8/14

Heroic: Siege of Orgrimmar 10   10/14


Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14


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